Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chores, A Party and Fishin

 Our little beauty is getting so big, it's time to give her a few more chores.  She is now in charge of putting away the silver wear and feeding the dog.  She also fixes her bed, helps put away groceries, clears her spot at the table after meals and the obvious like picking up toys.  I really need to get into the habit of having her help with laundry more...she loves to hang her shirts and "tries" to fold her pants so I need to make more of an effort to include her.

We told her to go put some toilet paper in our bathroom and this is what she did haha, convenient yes.

Hason is in charge of eating all his green veggies.

and being sweet to Neely.....

My mom has been keeping the kids every other weekend so Landon and I can have date nights.(I realize I probably use "Landon and I or whoever and I wrong all the time in sentences but I'm sorry....I think it sounds so much better than Landon and me.  I don't know the appropriate time to use it in a sentence and don't care.  Just cause some Joe came up with that rule a long time ago and everyone else agreed...well I don't I think "me" sounds stupid.  Rant over...moving on :)

We shared a meal and had fancy drinks! I love the cocktails at Cheddar's!

 Then we made our way to our friends house to celebrate my friend Natalie's birthday......

This game is so funny...this was one of the cards I got...pretty much sums up our life!

Natalie was proud of her drink "markers" that she had received as a gift, and I kept joking that someone was bound to drink too much that night and forget the bird was there and swallow it baaahaa!

Sunday was such a perfectly beautiful day Landon wanted to take B out so she could use her new fishing rod.

I love nothing more than when my babies play together and get a load of those fat fat legs!..........

Trouble....he's gonna be a big beautiful mess of trouble this one!

What more could I ask for ;)

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