Saturday, February 8, 2014

Game Time and Gym Time

I've been trying lots of new recipes lately and one that I loved was this taco meal.  I seasoned and breaded some shrimp and made homemade mango salsa, it was soooo good and pretty healthy too besides the tortillas.

A ritual we have started that I absolutely love is playing board games after dinner, I can't tell you how much I enjoy this family time before putting the kids to bed.

Playing games regularly is good for this one since she takes after her daddy and has to be the best at everything and always has to win and be perfect!  (Landon was a very sorry loser as a child ha)

They have such a great hands on daddy.

Nobody can make him laugh like she can, he just loves her!

So I took most my birthday money and bought myself a new wardrobe of workout clothes, I want to really get in the habit of going and if I have something cute to wear then it's more fun right!  My goal is to be able to walk in with just a sports bra and yoga pants and feel confident.  When we first got married I used to work out at Golds Gym in Amarillo, there was always this girl (one of my friends sisters but I didn't know that at the time) who would always work out in her sports bar and pants.  By gosh could she pull it off too! She looked amazing and I swear I probably stared at her the whole time too haha!  I told myself that someday that would be me :)

Ready to go! I look pretty legit like I know what I'm doing right haha.

And lets be honest...this one has given me a run for my money, I still don't know if I want to continue staying home or go back to work because he does this all day long....and going to the gym gives me a break!

My precious cargo!

He did well his first day in the nursery.  The hardest part about all this is feeling guilty leaving him in there.  I'm so afraid he's going to get sick or get the flu because I'm being a bit selfish and want to work out.  I could wait a few more months when the flu season is over but I've decided to try to not live in fear all the time and  trust the good Lord and that he will keep Hason safe for me. (and I talk about wanting to go back to work, psh! how can I leave him in daycare when I worry about him in the gym nursery for 45 minutes ha)

Had to prove I really went :)

After just a week of watching calories and working out a bit I lost 2 inches in my waist!!! I'm so excited!
And just because he's so sweet when he actually sleeps..........

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  1. While your family gives you inspiration and a healthy mind and soul, gym time will preserve the strength of your body. That’s why including it as part of living a perfect life is a necessity. Well, I can see that you are both physically and mentally fit, and that is admirable of you. Thanks for sharing that, Diana! All the best to you!

    Marc Chambers @ 34-North


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