Thursday, February 27, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes

What can I say about this girl, she's grown up way too fast.  She's a bouncy, big hearted little thing! 

She has a new phrase and I have no idea where she got it from.  For example I'll say "B do you want to go outside and play?" She will respond "I simperly do!" lol

She tells us all the time "I just like hanging out with you guys"

She still calls her Backpack her Pack Pack.....LOOOVE that!

The other day I had to drive  downtown and Brielle ask Landon where I was going and he told her Dallas.  So she tells him "mom is in Flower Mound, then Las Colinas then Dallas"  The girl already knows her way around the city! She's so smart and loves to ask where she is when we are driving.

The other day I said "Brielle you need a tissue you have a runny nose"  She said "I have God Bless You's too"  She didn't know how to say she'd been sneezing. How precious is that!

She told me "milk is magic cause it makes babies go to sleep" haha that's about right!
The one consistent thing about this girl is we've never had to fight her on eating.  It cracks us up, no matter what she's doing...she could be playing with a brand new toy, she always comes running when we call her for lunch or dinner and is excited about it. 

She asked us where does meat come from...we told her cows.  She says "how do the cows make the beef?" Apparently she doesn't realize we kill and eat them so we aren't gonna break her heart or disgust her by spilling the beans!  I just love seeing how innocent they are and how things that seem so obvious to us are a mystery to them :)

I can't remember if I posted this or not but her class had a senses week.  On taste day the teachers had them all try something sweet, salty, spicy and sour.  She was the only one who tried all 4 foods.  She ate the salsa and lemon which none of the other kids wanted to try.  She will always try something once if we ask her too, I hope she continues on like that and teaches her brother a thing or two!
When she stays at her Lita's house she packs her own bag, it's so precious and she'll even pack Hason's! She's so good at it, she even remembers his diaper rash cream.  What a helper!

We were talking about how God made her special and how God makes everyone special and she said "God made Hason grumpy"  I bout spit out my drink, how could I argue with that, all I could do was laugh.
She now says she wants to be a cheerleader, so dance and gymnastic lessons it is.  We would love for her to play softball or do tae kwon do but we luckily we have Hason to enjoy the sports with!  I didn't realize our gym offered just cheer classes so we are going to sign her up for those next! She will be so excited!
 Oh boy, lately when Landon puts Brielle to bed you can almost bet she's gonna get back up.  She always thinks of an excuse like, you forgot to put my shoes out, or dad I forgot to tell you something, or she'll say something like "dad you know that" but doesn't really have anything important to say.  Don't tell her you're gonna do something and forget cause an hour after she gets put in bed she'll remember and use it as an excuse to get up. I told her we needed to put Vaseline on her lips at bedtime...yeah I forgot and she made sure we knew.  She literally lays there trying to think of clever reasons to come out!

When she messes up on something she says "Awe Peesha Cake" translation... piece of cake,  she obviously doesn't know what that means lol

I have been really trying to workout and watch what I eat (I've never done that before and it's no fun it tell ya!)  Anyways this little girl doesn't miss a thing!   We were eating dinner one night and she asked me "mom is this your eat up day?" lol.  I've talked to my mom and Landon about me counting calories and having cheat  eat up days and apparently little ears were listening.  Makes me laugh when she sounds like shes having a adult conversation. 
 God gave her to me and I don't know what I did to deserve her love but I have it. How sweet it is.

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