Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Birthday 2014

I am soooo behind on blogging it's not even funny!

My birthday weekend was pretty low key, that's how I like it. I love celebrating other peoples birthdays and partying for theirs but not so much for mine.  Every year that passes I dread it more, I don't want to get old! I don't want to dress like an old person (yes of all the things to worry about that's secretly what worries me the most, besides getting wrinkly) I hate when people say dress your age, I you look young, feel young and have a good body and can pull it off why can't the average person dress like the celebrities...chic, stylish and sexy even at an older age?  I wanna dress like Lisa Vanderpump and Kris Kardashian when I'm older and haters can just hate.  Or maybe I just need to move to California where nobody cares.

Anyways... We did a lot of running around and shopping that weekend...

And relaxing, Landon asked what I wanted to do and I said rest, sleep and have minimal contact with the children... is that bad? lol.  That's exactly what I did.

We also stopped at our Activity Center and got a gym membership, it's time for me to start working out again and we thought it might be a great way for me to make some friends and meet other moms!

We picked Hason up a little something.  I've heard all the fuss about this toy so I finally caved, shelled out the 30,000 dollars for it.  It's so cute I think he really likes it and it probably feels pretty good on those teeth that are coming in!

One toofer and another to follow

We found a new store in our shopping center called 5 Below.  Apparently everything is $5 or less and they have some really good quality things unlike dollar tree and dollar general.  Landon saw the rows of wheelbarrows holding merchandise from the window and yelled out in excitement "Wheelbarrows!!!???"  Meaning he thought the wheel barrow was part of the $5 or less deal.....Oh Lawd!

My mom had a birthday dinner for me, I was excited that my cousin Derrick just happened to be in town to celebrate.  

Cookie cakes are my FAV!

Landon and I crack up in the scene in bridesmaids where the girl talks about how she doesn't thing her man is into her anymore, they ask her why and she says "he's been calling me dude a lot" haha!  

One of the little things/moments in life that I truly love and enjoy is a present wrapped by a man.  Is there anything more difficult for them to do that requires so much effort and it still comes out looking like a child did it, I don't think so.  I just want to squeeze him and cover him in kisses when he wraps my presents! I  love them!  This particular time he cut the paper too short and instead of leaving a white stripe where you could see the box he improvised.

What a sexy little present! haha, I'm telling ya nothing gets me more giddy!

Derrick and Sasha's Christmas gift to Brielle wasn't quite ready at the time so they gave it to her that weekend.  She couldn't believe her eyes!

 Is there a more perfect gift for my child or what.  She's so funny about her cars!

 Speaking of cars Derrick got a new one and it totally suits him! I love it I hope he keeps it forever and it even came with the bike rack!
  I got some wonderful gifts, my mom and dad got us a new stainless steel trash can cause our cheap one fell apart, when your an adult these things excite you ha, my aunt got me lingerie cause well...that's just what she does :) Derrick got me a water filter, Landon got me an adorable top from Apricot Lane, my cousin Emily got me this adorable Mason jar filled with stuff like nail polish and an Apricot Lane gift card.

My sister Kasey got me a subscription to birchbox! How cool is that! It's something I would love but would never spend the money on for myself so I'm pretty excited!

 I bought myself the original Naked Palette, can't wait to try it out but honestly I don't know when the heck I'll have time to sit down and watch youtube videos on how to use it : /

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