Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hason's 7 Months Old!

My beautiful boy is 7 months old!
I am loving this age more than 6 months!
This was the first time I had a hard time getting a picture of him and I'm sure it's just the beginning.  All he wanted to do was eat that darn shoe string.
Hason what are you up to!
*you weigh 21 lbs 9oz
*you are in 9 to 12 month clothes (if they say 9m they don't fit, they have to say 9 to 12 or just be 12 months.) In pants however you wear 12 months because your thighs are so chubby you can't bend your legs in a smaller size :)
*you are still in size 3 diapers
* Last month you were not so into eating.  I was worried but you've completely come around. You used to eat about 4 half spoonful's now you eat half a bowl.  You are also not really bothered by textures or thicker purees.  You have tried zucchini, Brussels sprouts, peas, green beans, cauliflower, yellow squash, spinach and kale and love them all! I'm so happy! I want nothing more than for my kids to be good eaters.  Ok I want more than that but that is super important to me ;)
*You say dada and will say it when we ask you to. You get excited when we say it as if you were the one who made it up and we are speaking your language haha.
*you are trying to get on all 4's to crawl, not from the tummy position so much but from a sitting position.  If you could just get that one leg behind ya you'd be golden.
*still have two teeth, you haven't bit me again thank goodness :)
*YOU ARE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! 15 days straight now and counting! Finally all mom and dads hard work, determination and stubbornness has paid off! Knock on wood I don't jinx us. Your sleeping adventure has gone somewhat like this....You went from waking a ton to 3 times a night to then just a couple.. then just at 5 am.  We stopped feeding you at 5 but you would still wake at around 2 and 5, fuss and whine for about 45 minutes (ugh) and then go back to sleep.  Now we don't hear a peep outta ya till morning! Thank you Jesus, oh and you love to sleep on your stomach which I don't like and I always put you down on your back but hey, if it helps you sleep then whatever!
*You are on a schedule! I think I said that last month but it tanked after my post.  You wake at about 8/ 8:30am, nap from 10:30 to 12:30 then nap again from 4 to 6 and bedtime at 8.
*when you are not happy you will let us know.  You through mini fits when we won't give you something you want and you can be so incredibly loud when you want your way!
This is what happens when Daddy feeds you...spinach goatee and mustache.

This is also what happens when daddy feeds ya, he thinks that if he opens his mouth really wide then you will too baaahaa! He doesn't even realize he is doing it.  Does anyone else do this when they feed their kids or is it just us cause I'm guilty too lol. You feel so stupid when you realize what you're doing.
Sometimes the only way anything gets done with a fussy cry baby is like this.......

I took you in to have the rest of your 6 months shots done.  You are so brave and amazing when it comes to shots.  The first one you looked at me with disgust and the second one you cried for literally a couple seconds and was over it.  My strong boy :) Dad says it's cause your thighs are so fat you can't feel the needle.

You have become so stinkin cuddly lately.  You lay your head down on my lap or my chest for a cuddle.  My heart skips a beat!!! Your sister never ever did this.  She was too independent.  Your little chubby round body is so fun to love on!
You can finally reach your toes! My favorite!

First time in the swing, you liked it and smiled while we video taped.
I just eat you up everyday, I enjoy our mornings together.  I love staring at your beautiful eyes, and lashes, your perfect skin and those dimples on your hands.  I am obsessed with your chubby round feet and could kiss them all day long!  I can't wait for warmer weather when I can just put you in a diaper and kiss all over you! I am mesmerized by your sweet open mouth squinty eyed smiles.

My view from above..
Incredibly blessed am I ;)

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