Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Landon's Vegas Trip 2014

So one of our good friends (Brian) from Amarillo turned 30 this past month, Landon celebrated his birthday with him in Vegas.  I was invited as well and would have  gone too except for this thing I have called breast feeding :) Doesn't let me go far, but that's ok.
I couldn't remember where all these pics were taken so I had Landon come in and add the details sooooo....this is his first unofficial blog post :)
Landon was pretty proud of his massive dog.....yes we are the kind of people who take pictures of our food.
This was a beer pong tournament going on O'Sheas
The view from their window....

He took this one for's a giant chandelier in the Cosmopolitan! GORGE!

Aria and the City Center

It wouldn't be a trip without Grandpa Bruns and his shenanigans.......

Of course Landon thought it to not be very manly of him to have another dude roll his sleeves...
Poor Elmo!

Brian and his brother...I think they were asleep...

So since it was Bri Bri's bday (that's what Brielle calls him) He decided to jump off/repel, whatever its called off the Stratosphere!  Landon took a good video of that.
This is the contraption inside the stratosphere that lets the rope go when you're brave enough to do that kinda thing!

The idiots.....

The whole bunch. Wish I could have gone, love these people!

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