Thursday, February 27, 2014

Someone's 30, Someone's 3 and Billy Bobs!

This post is a little outta order but oh well.
My friend Jayme who lives in Frisco and is also from Amarillo invited us over for her hubby's 30th birthday party.  I worked with all 3 sisters at Hollister, Nikki is the only one missing, she lives in Florida...lucky dog!

I was so proud of Brielle, we got so many compliments on how polite she was :)

My favorite part of the night was getting to love on these new babies!

oh and eat cake too!

Jayme's  newest addition, sweet Tyler.....she has 3 boys now!

After the party I found out my friend Kaci was in town so I met up with the girls in Ft Worth for a night out.

I had so much fun, I love girls nights.  The only downer is that I don't dance, I don't like to and I don't know how....and I kept getting asked. It was so annoying and some guys don't take no for an answer.  What made it worse was that I looked single because my ring was still getting fixed at the jewelers so they didn't' believe I was married (and wouldn't have cared anyways) even when I showed them my fb pictures with my beautiful family. Sometimes a girl just wants to get dressed up and hang out with her girlfriends!

You can't tell but that's a shiny jeweled saddle up there.........Super cute!

This sweaty old man couldn't get enough of us, he even talked some of the girls into dancing with him lol.

Sunday we had a quite day.  We had never been to Cabela's and since we want to get out and explore EVERYTHING this city has to offer, we made a day of it.

It was really neat!

When we were little we used to have 3 bobwhite quail just like these! Loved them.  Mine was named Pepe.  I can even whistle like a quail since having some as pets haha.

Monday we celebrated my friends little boy's 3rd birthday at Chic Fil A.  I look so awkward and big in this picture and I don't know why ha.

Trevor the birthday boy super hero...

I just love being busy and getting together with friends...I think it's part of my love language. 

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