Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Donuts With Dad and a Weekend at Lita's

Landon went to Vegas a couple weekends ago for a friends 30th birthday party.  Luckily his flight didn't leave till that afternoon so he was still able to make it to "Donuts With Dad" at Brielle's school.  The invitations the kids made were absolutely adorable!

We spent the afternoon making faux snow. She got it for either her bday or Christmas, I can't remember but it was so cool!

It wasn't cold so Brielle was able to play with it forever and she did.  

Friday the kids and I packed up and headed to my parents house to stay the weekend since Landon was gone.  

My mother made my favorite meal...her famous dressing!!! MMMMMMMM! she loves me!

We spent the weekend hitting up a Dillard's sale, playing games and relaxing.

I adore how babies sit! So straight ;)

There goes the leg bend...the first sign of crawling!

Little chunk memorized by Neely chasing her ball.

 It was so nice spending a weekend with just my mom! We piled into her bed on Sunday morning for some lovins. 

I scored big time that weekend on some clothes for Hason for next fall! I just die for that ivory military style jacket!  Hopefully I guessed the right size...he is quite massive ya know.
 Love my babies, being a mom is so challenging but the most enjoyable fun job I've ever been blessed to have!

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