Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pajama Snow Day

Brielle had a pajama day at school, they couldn't have picked a better day for it considering it had snowed.  Man I wish pj day was everyday! You know how much time you save in the morning when your kid sleeps in what they are going to wear for the day haha.

Schools were all dismissed at 1pm because of the deteriorating road conditions.  Are you seriously kidding me! There's even dry spots on the road.  They are pretty ridiculous around here when it comes to snow, RIDICULOUS.  But I guess I shouldn't complain cause whats even more stupid was having to still go to school in 2 ft of snow in my rear wheel drive Camaro.  Amarillo needs to get their heads on straight and stop having people get out when its so incredibly dangerous.  Can we all just find a happy medium? 

We cuddled, did puzzles, played with moms shoes and watched a movie.  Snow days are free passes to lay around and do nothing right.

The next day we braved the "terrible" roads and went out to gather stuff to make Brielle's valentines for her classmates.  With all the hard parts of parenting I really look forward to and cherish the fun stuff like making valentines! Moms dream of moments like these ;)

We got dad a little surprise gift while we were out.

It's craft time!

She was pretty excited about her valentines...with every heart she cut out she would name off the friend who was going to get that one.

Glow in the dark bracelets.
Teacher gifts....
 She is just amazing with Hason.  I can't tell you how many times he's needed something or dropped something and without me even asking she takes initiative to care for him.  She has such a caring soft heart for others.

My milk supply has started to plummet so I finally got around to making some lactation cookies, a good excuse to eat cookies right....they were so good...didn't help my milk supply much though.  A friend recommended some amazing vitamins and they seem to be working for me now so yay!

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