Monday, February 24, 2014

Love Day!

Valentines day we woke up to sweet little gifts from the man in our life!

I put on the appropriate attire for the day :)

Our library has a monthly program called Baby Palooza.  This was only the second one but our first time to go.  I think I'm finally gonna make some friends lol! There were so many babies!
 They had a handful of sensory stations set up all over and the babies got to play to their hearts desire.

He enjoyed banging on the boxes and knocking them down....

This would have freaked me out with Brielle....but you're a little more laid back with your second.  Germs will be germs.

My beauty was incredibly well behaved and patient while I played with her brother.  I took some coloring books, sticker books and jelly beans to keep her busy.

There was only one baby outta the whole bunch that threw a fit while we were there........

After library time I went home and put on something a little more sexy for my Valentine and started preparing our Vday dinner.  I may have had some wine too :) He knows what I like and it was so good!
I couldn't help least he didn't' like it haha....
Landon and I spent the evening watching a love movie and enjoying some glasses of wine.
The best part of Valentines is getting to spend it with Landon.  I truly love him more and more all the time.  How is that possible? I hope everyone had a blessed day!

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