Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Birthday Freebies!

Honey Bear on silly sock day..

Ejoying some free bagels for my Birthday compliments of Einstein Bagels!

Then we had a scavenger hunt.......

We were thrilled to have actually seen a cat...didn't think we'd be checking that one off our list!

 She needed somewhere to think so why not some randoms persons porch chair ha.

She has no shame :)

First fight..."No mom, don't let him rip it!!!"

We also had free Ice cream compliments Ben and Jerry's

Hason kept reaching for the spoon, so I gave in and gave him a smitch...he was not happy when he couldn't have anymore.

Ok one more tiny lick...look at how big and dreamy his eyes got haha!

And this my friends is how we spend our days now. All he wants is to be held or for me to be sitting right there next to him....sigh.

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