Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Day In The Life Of Me!

I have done this a couple times before but it's probably been a year or two since I have.  This is a day in the life of me.  I should do this more often so I can look back an remember what everyday life was like rather than just the stand out moments :)
We wake up around 7:40/8:00ish everyday.  I go get Hason and bring him back to bed with me to nurse.  LOVE that cuddle time with him.  Brielle gets up and puts on the clothes I have laid out for her. Then she pottys and brushes her teeth.

 She then comes downstairs and get herself a yogurt and sometimes a string cheese to eat in bed with us.

So beautiful in the mornings!

Then Hason plays around in the bed while I play around on my phone.  (I watch him like a hawk I promise, never had a kid roll off the bed and I'm not gonna start now)

Oh and there's also a white poodie in the bed at all times.

Next we head out the door at around 8:30, I drop B off at school and then Hase and I are off to the gym! 

This week just happened to be teacher appreciation and since Hason doesn't go to school yet I consider all his caregivers teachers, so I stopped at Le Madeleine to get the two nursery workers a muffin to tell them thanks for taking such good care of my baby so I can have an hour to myself in the mornings;)

After the gym it's almost Hason's nap time today we went outside for just a bit before I put him down.  Look at those lashes!

Once Hason lays down I try to pick up a bit and do some chores, sometimes I just watch tv and do nothing haha.  Hey at least I'm honest.  It's the only two hours of the day where it's just me (besides the gym but that's work!)  On this particular day I cleaned out the pool.

I like having the greenbelt behind our house cause I can just dump all the leaves and crap from the pool back there........
Then it was time for lunch, I discovered a new smoothie that I loooove! Oranges, pineapple and carrots.  I like to add almond milk and honey Greek yogurt as well.  It's quite pulpy but I like pulp.  I make this about twice a week, I normally have everything on hand so it's easy.  Next I'm going to try making it into Popsicles!

I also try to eat high protein lunches.  One of my favs is quinoa, edamame and ground turkey, it's so easy and good, just sprinkle a tad bit of garlic salt and you are on your way.

Don't even think about eating and not giving this guy a bite!

After lunch we pick up beauty and then runs some errands or come back home.
She played on her little reading pad while I did laundry.

I love the Duggers.  It's the only good wholesome show on tv.  I just think those people have it pretty well figured out!  Especially when it comes to dating, if everyone courted like they did and save the physical part of the relationship for later there would be a lot less divorce and grief in this world.  I cry every time one of them gets married and they save their first kiss for their wedding day.  I think that is so beautiful.  Anyways, this is about all I can watch when the kids are home unless I want to watch cartoons and I'm just over the Disney channel after 4 years of it.

I also organized my closet.  Well actually it was already organized. I do it by season and color. I just had to move my winter clothes up the top bar that's hard to reach and move my summer clothes to where I could get to them easier.

I try to make the beds everyday!  I just know that Landon really likes it.  He doesn't expect me to do it but I know it just feels more picked up and clean when I do and he really appreciates it.  I told him my secret the other day...Sometimes I haven't' had time to make the bed so I'm scrambling at 5pm to get it done before he walks in the door haha!

Then I make dinner.  This was a mixture for zucchini pancakes, healthy and yummy!  I always cook enough for leftovers the next night.

Sweet potatoes, mixed with honey, olive oil, cinnamon and a dash of salt and pepper.  I cooked these in the oven and steam Hasons plain without all the seasonings. 

Hason naps while I cook dinner and B plays......
 I forgot to get anymore pics but normally we will play a game but since it's been so nice we will go on family walks after dinner or to the park.  Then Landon and I sit down to watch some shows together.  Our favorite tv shows right now are Suits, Dallas, Parenthood, Friday night lights, the challenge and modern family.  

So my days of the week go something like this
Monday:cook dinner
Tuesday: laundry day
Wednesday: cook dinner
Thursday: clean house
Friday: do something fun with kiddos...water park, mall, open gym, whatever we can find :)

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