Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hason's 10 Months Old!

We interrupt this blog to let Hason turn 10 months old!
My boy you are 10 months old, please say it isn't so! My heart can't take all this growing up you are doing.  I've already cried twice at the thought of your first birthday and it's still two months away.

*Not sure what you weigh but you are so heavy!
*I'm down to just nursing you in the mornings and at night.  It works for us and I'm happy I've gone this long.  Since 12 months is right around the corner my goal to continue nursing is 14 months.  We will see.
*you eat everything and are really good at feeling yourself solids.  We don't do purees much anymore.
*You go to bed at 8pm but have been waking earlier than usual,  you are going through a leap so that's probably normal.
*You are still in size 3 diapers only because we are using up the last few...about to put you in 4's.
*You love your toy balls so much and can now say ball as well.
*you have also said car...more like Caw, caw, caw, caw. LOL.  When you play with your cars you just keep whispering it :)
*so you are up to 5 words now, Dadda, Bye Bye, Momma, Ball and Car. When you talk or make noises you are either really loud or whisper, the little secrets you whisper are so sweet.
*You are so incredibly good when we go out places (just like your sister) doesn't matter if it's the grocery store, mall, restaurant...you are a joy to take out and so easy.
*We've been going to the gym for about 4 months, you know squeal, smile real big with your open mouth smile and flail your arms when we get to the nursery door.  You love it in there and it just makes my day to see you get all excited.
*you are cruising on everything
*you loooove bath time
*haven't gotten a tooth in a while, still just have 6, four on top, two on bottom
*you put everything in your mouth, I mean EVERYTHING! It's quite annoying actually, I found a dead bug in your mouth the other day...no lie.

 Sleepy boy haha......

 In a daze......

You light up my life in a way I just can't quite explain.

Your laugh can make a bad day completely disappear. I am loving this season and age with you.  I would keep you this little forever if I could.  You are such a joy, I feel complete bliss when I look at you.

I love this picture cause you are talking in it...making sweet little content sounds :)
I'm a little obsessed with these fat little feet.

My buddy for life.  I love having a boy.  I don't know what it is exactly but you do so many little things that make you "all boy" haha.  So neat to see the difference between you and your sister. I love your boyish ways.

Poor thing, Barbie cars and dress up shoes are your life haha......

There is nothing more delicious than this!

and how cute is this swimsuit your Gigi got you, especially those flip flops! (see the fat spilling over the tops of them haha)

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