Friday, May 16, 2014

Our Weekend

It is garage sale season people!!! On this particular day I scored a new $300 pair of black leather Ralph Lauren riding boots, a outside door mat, a practically new rain coat, and a couple toys for Brielle all for $20! 
My Aunt loves garage sales even more than me so she's the best person to tag a long with!  But let me set one thing straight...we aren't type of garage sale people who buy junk just for the sake of buying junk...we aren't afraid to come home empty handed.  We are on the search for legit things :)
My sweet little fisherman enjoying the playground.  I just love his outfit, it's rabbit moon and they have the most unique things.

My beauty can do everything herself.  She doesn't need mom anymore :(

Dinner after church....

I swear all this kid does it eat!
He goes nuts over bananas!

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