Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mommy's First Putt Putt

The joys of having a little girl....dress up and nail painting.
Such beautiful flawless perfectly made little hands.
My little baseball player (someday)

 A couple of Fridays ago I finally got to meet up with my wonderful doula/friend Lindsay!  She suggested meeting at Central Market.  I found that a bit odd, um a grocery store, really.  The beauty of living in a big city is all the cool stuff there is to do and all the hidden gems to find...Apparently they have a restaurant inside.
And a patio area......
And a playground! How cool is that, I LOVE Dallas!  We just got a market street and they have a wine bar inside and a playground as well! What a perfect combo haha!
Miss B keeps telling us she wants a Mustang Convertible....she shares her parents love of sports cars but little does she know she's getting a Hummer! Or a tank!
Mall and cookie time.  She is absolutely precious, she got this tiny cookie but insisted on sharing a piece with me and her dad.  She has a big heart!
Momma got a new swimsuit!
That evening we took my mom out to play putt putt.  Ok so first she hadn't ever bowled in her life and we took her to do that last year, second she's never played putt putt! Woman where have you been!  She started out rocky but did really good towards the end.  She feels unsure about trying these new things but always ends up doing really well. I was proud of her!
They measured B inside and said she was tall enough to ride with dad on the big go carts.  She was so excited.  Then we got outside and they measured her again and said she was too short.  Landon said "no they measured her inside and used a different height stick and said she was fine" The guys then proceeded to tell Landon that all the sticks were the same and that Landon must have mistaken the stick "touching her bow/hair" as being tall enough.  Um you don't try to tell my very intelligent husband that he was wrong about something like that.  Landon was pissed,  kinda made me happy it wasn't me for once haha. I was cool, calm and collected.  Landon was right though, they need to get their S!@# together and communicate with their employees better, you can't do that to a kid.  You should have seen the meltdown...not Landon..Brielle ha.

So luckily my honey bear was tall enough to do the kid carts by herself.  She looked so tiny! We lined up and when it was our turn the guy said we didn't have any credits on our card (we had just paid!) Landon turned and started walking towards the office to have them fix the problem then WHIRLED back around and came back full force (you know somethings up when that man moves quickly, he moves slow as hell even when we are in a hurry)  he tells the poor kid in a loud Lord type voice "I'm not going all the way back in there, this was y'alls mistake, she's gonna ride the carts!"  They let her right in.  I write all of this cause normally it's me...but this time Landon was the one who threw the fit.  I found it rather humorous and sexy ha!
So B had a great time until her cart stopped working and the guy had to start it up again, then she wasn't first anymore.  She got off crying cause she didn't win.  She is her daughters child. sigh.  This makes it sound like we had an awful night, but we didn't. it was really fun :)

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