Friday, May 16, 2014

Easter 2014

We celebrated Easter at my moms house.  Natalie and I about died when we saw one another, we totally matched and didn't even try to.  I can't believe last year at Easter I was pregnant :( kinda sad, it went by so quick. 

Somehow all the cousins coordinated quite well! Sasha's outfit was to die for and even cuter in person than in the pictures.  I joke that there were way to many Thomas's there that day and not enough Kornegays!

I think I want to start making decorative least for the kids parties and special occasions.  At first I thought cakes would be something I'd like to do cause we all know those birthday cakes are sooo super expensive to buy, and I looove fondant icing (yeah I know I'm the only one) so I could have my cake and eat the frosting too lol.  Anyways cakes seem a bit too hard for a newbie like me so, cookies it is.   
It would be kinda cool when I get good and confident at it to maybe start selling them, who knows :)  This was my first attempt.  It was so fun and nerve wrecking all at the same time.  I really really wanted them to be a success so I stressed myself out a bit over making them.  Everything went quite well and I learned some techniques along the way. Thought they came out quite precious.
These kids grow way to fast! So I have to get as many precious moments on camera as possible ;)
I've never seen a cuter fishermen or bunny rabbit in my life.

Brielle was 5 months old here :( can I please start over!!!

My life is complete. I'm Feeling very overwhelming blessed this year.

My mom still wants us to hunt Easter eggs haha! We're down!

Um excuse me, you're not a kid........

Those thigh rolls!!! MMMMM!

Derrick takes his Easter egg hunting to an extreme, he prides himself on being the winner.  When Kasey's here they always have a little battle and he kept saying he wished she was there to compete against him.  Just look at that greedy beavery face!

 Brielle won the most eggs found prize by default cause an adult wasn't allowed to win (Derrick!) I didn't get a picture, the prize was a fuzzy little white bunny that hoped and moved when you pet it's back, Adorable! My mom loves clever little toys like that.

This one wanted me to get a picture of her princess wave lol.

My beautiful handsome on his very first Easter.  All his first are my lasts and it's absolutely killing me! :'(

We had a great lunch laughing and talking with Landon's mom but it was time for her to head back to Amarillo. It was nice to have her while we did.

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