Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mothers Day Tea

Mother's Day Tea at Brielle's school...what a special day.  My first mothers day school tea! It came way to fast.  Wasn't she just 2? I love all these first with the one who made me a mommy but she's getting be way to fast.
We had a beautiful rain on the way to school that morning.
She was awfully excited to have me there.
Those cookies were so good!
The kids made their mommas some presents....
Inside the little purse was this....
She was so sweet and right on about everything, then I go to the last question.......
Big Circle head huh.  I know several people who will get a kick outta that one.

They sang us two mothers day songs that they had practice so hard on.  It was a special little morning and I was glad my mom had off so she could keep Hason so B and I could have our time together.

 And here's this idiot who couldn't stop laughing after reading the "big circle head" comment. Boy did he think Brielle was clever.
We've argued our whole relationship over who has the larger head...I still think he does so I don't know what's so funny....
On a side note, B just loves getting mail and her Gannpa and Gigi are so good about sending goodies to the kids here and there.  Teresa actually subscribed her to this company that sends out scientific crafts for kids each month, kinda like birch box. She was thrilled at her little gift.

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