Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Mothers Day 2014, what a special one it was.  My last Mothers Day with a new baby.

Our church had baby dedication that weekend as well.  My mom, dad, aunt and cousin all joined us for the special event.

Honey Bears first time in big people church.  It was special having her with us.

After church we went home and Brielle gave me her presents she had picked out all by herself.  She was so excited!
Adorable, the girl has good taste.
My honey knows I've been wanting Chanel sunglasses for forever now and this year he ever so sweetly got me some! I just love them and they have jewels on the sides! EEEKKK! Not only did he get me an amazing gift but he took care of me all week, I think I only put the kids to bed once that week :)

Can't believe she's not my one and only anymore.  She's my special girl!
What I wouldn't give to go back to this for just one day!
Then we met back up with the fam for lunch.
Natalie got all us moms special gifts.
and yes she even got me a real J. Crew necklace, I bout died!!!!!!
We spent the evening on my aunts patio at her new house.

Daddy was trying to tell us how to eat healthy but when we asked him about his cigarettes he avoided the questions with a drink.........

Sneaky squirrely old man!
Me and my mom.  I'm extremely thankful for all she does for me and for the way that she raised me.  I wouldn't be who I was today if I it wasn't for her!


My aunts birthday just happened to be on Mothers Day as well so we had a cake to celebrate.  Love her like a mom too :)

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