Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Bring your teddy bear to school day.  Brielle isn't into stuffed animals, never has been but luckily she did have a bear for bear day...a huge one...I was told he even got his own chair at the table since he was so big...apparently all the other kids go to hold theirs in their laps lol!  My cousin Derrick gave her this guy when she was like 2.  He even embroidered the back of the bears shirt with his name "Mr. Derrick" lol, love that kid, he's just the best!

So I had these bumps show up on my arm.  They looked like bug bites and they itched like crazy at times.  People I was FREAKING out!  Everyday I woke up with new bites.  I know you're just itching reading this aren't you? So gross I know, I felt nasty! I researched the bites online, and swore we had bed bugs.  I was the only one with bits but sometimes that's just part of it.  I called in an exterminator.  He has 10 years experience and tore my house apart but didn't find a thing. Are you kidding me!  Talk about messing with your's enough to make a person go crazy.  I didn't want to go to the Dr. first cause I knew they would just charge me $150 to tell me I had bed bugs and jut put some itch cream on it.  I couldn't afford the spend that when we were about to spend $2,000 on getting rid of these things.  So when he told me I didn't have them I made an appointment with the dermatologist.  That night it got worse, I broke down and cried cause I was emotionally and mentally exhausted from freaking out about bugs.  I did some more research and was convinced I either had mites under my skin (kill me now) or kidney failure, never diagnose yourself via computer.  When the Dr saw it she knew right away..."oh you have poison ivy" she said.  WHAT!!! I don't have bugs! That's the best new EVER!  I can't even express how happy I was.  Brielle's little eyes just lit up when I told her, she has a fancy Nancy book she adores that talks about poison ivy and she was so intrigued haha.  Thank God I'm not a ratchet person like I thought I was!

Sure enough there it was, growing all along our back fence, I mean there were mounds of it!!! Thank goodness the pool fence goes around it so Brielle and Neely can't get close to it.  Since it's growing over from the field behind our house the city is going to come take are of it!   I've always heard of poison ivy but never worried about it, Amarillo has no bushes, I've now realized this stuff is everywhere here!  Leaves of 3 people let it be!

On another note I found the most awesome contraption the other day! Wal-Mart should pay me cause I'm pretty sure a dozen of my friends on Facebook went out and got one of these handy things after I posted about it online :)
My cousin Natalie was in town for a few days after mothers day so we took advantage and spent some much needed time together!

We took the kids to Jazz at the shops, Hason was in love with those fountains.

Natalie and my aunt stopped by and we went and had some wine and bruschetta while my sweet husband took the kids home and put them to bed.
Sometimes I just so exhausted, I don't fix my hair and I don't fix my make up...but I push through it cause I don't want to miss precious moments with my family.
It is almost birthday time for this guy! His dad and step mom sent him the coolest gift.....meat!  Filet mignon, steaks, burgers, chicken you name it!  Cannot wait to grill out!
What a good daddy he is.  Our babies love him.

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