Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jam Packed Weekend

Brielle's gymnastic has open gym on Fridays, she was so excited to have her cousins come into town to play wit her. Just look at Levi's adorable grin haha!
Emily was excited to take Chloe since she was going to be starting her own gymnastics class soon.  She didn't like getting off the trampoline onto the mat cause she thought all the little pieces of foam were "bugs" haha. She was so cute, such a girl!
Apparently Aunt Emily used to be the bomb dot com at hula hooping!  She's still go it!
After the gym we took the kids to where else but Chic Fil A of course!
I had heard about a movie coming out called "moms night out" and asked Emily last minute if she wanted to go that evening.  Lucky for us our guys were able to keep the kids.  We met for Mexican food and then went to the show.  It was so good!  We had the best night ever!  Doesn't take much haha!  Our poor waiter came back to the table like 8 times before we looked at the menu, we had to finish all those conversations that were previously interrupted by our kids.  I feel incredibly lucky to have Emily so close to me!
Oh lets just carry around a plastic bag in your mouth.  This is why Landon calls him a little shit...his words not mine :)
It's that time again...our yearly free rough riders night out.  My friend Melodie's husband works for a law firm and ever so often he gets the suit all to himself.  It' so fun...all you can eat and drink!
and great company!

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks!

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