Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let the Children Come

Brielle's school has chapel every morning and on this particular day they had a skit, 3 of the kids had parts and my honey bear was one of them.  She was the mother, bringing her children to see Jesus.  She's quite expressive and not shy to be on stage so I think acting may be a good career for her.  Her job was to jump up and say "Come on children, come on!" yeah, she's big time now :)
Then we got to watch them sing their precious songs.

Such a beauty, she makes me so proud.  She has such a big caring heart.  She will bless many people with her giving ways.
Here's her cute little 3/4 year old class

Since it's almost summer round here we busted out the water table.  Brielle could have cared less about it last summer so it's been put up for a while.  She loved it when she was two, 3 not so much. 
Little Handsome sure enjoyed it though!

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