Thursday, May 29, 2014

Workin Round The House

There is always a project to be done around here.  I finally feel like I have my life in order and can juggles many tasks again.  This particular night I decided to give our pantry a facelift.


That week Brielle and I also decided to pull a full trash bag full of weeds out of our yard as well.

I dug up two big bushes in my garden out back.  There were 4 total but that was to crowded.  I love landscaping but sometimes there's just too much and I am trying  to have balance and simplify my life in any way I can so they had to go (to my moms).  That's two less bushes I have to trim, that only leaves me 16! HAHA!
I looooove flower planting time! 
I like to rotate the kids toys so they don't get can only keep buying so many toys until they take over your home.  So I went around and gathered up all Brielle's toys we had out and switched them for the other half I had stored.  Since I was in organizing everything I took the time to try and gather up all the tiny toys such a Barbie shoes and put them away.  She can have them back someday but Hason is a "put everything in your mouth" kinda baby and I don't want to take any chances. 
My honey bear relaxed while I organized her toys.  She is so sweet, she knows that there are other toys stored away under the stairs but she doesn't ask for them.  She knows she gets to play with them in phases and she's ok with that. Such a sweet understanding easy girl she is.
It's garage sale season....Mom, me and the kids stopped at a few one weekend and we all scored some great books..........
Hase's was a pop up and absolutely adorable!
Oh yeah! haha Landon hated that some other weird person just happened to have an Eskimo book laying around that I could buy :)
We have also been wanting to paint our front door and shutters black.  Our brick is a light pink color (gross I know) and the shutters & doors are white so everything is washed out.  Black is going to add some great contrast and if you've been to my house you know I love me some black. (just not in clothes) 
Family trip to Lowes...........
Neely was so good.  she got sick of sitting in the cart so I let her out...she followed me the whole time and would sit and stay when I told her to while I tried to decide on paint colors.  Such a good dog she it...I worked hard to train her though.
Putting his new ladder to good use.

Then that evening I treated Landon to dinner in celebration of my new "work from home" part time job....more about that later.  :)
We ordered dessert and Brielle was a bit distracted with there game so I put a menu up between us so she wouldn't notice and I wouldn't have to share with her.  Horrible mother I know. She's to smart though, she got a piece of cake after all.

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