Monday, September 29, 2014

Balloon Festival and Sasha's Bday!

We love attending the annual Flower Mound Balloon Festival

Why not!  I was after all wearing my train conductor hat.  I didn't realize when I bought it that the colors and stripes looked like that haha.  I have to say that was a rough and bumpy train ride and I was really concerned that thing was about to tip over. That old man drove like a crazy person!

 Celebrating my cousin Sasha's bday at the lake......

Brielle said her Popsicle gave her neck a brain freeze lol.

Mommy had the cutest swim cover up. This woman never smiles in pictures and doesn't know how to either, so I'm left with having to say something vulgar in order  to get her to laugh...


This kid! This kid got so nasty playing in the dirt.  My first real "boy" experience.  Besides getting peed on a couple times when he was a newborn.

Sasha is a healthy girl.  She doesn't even have to try, she doesn't like junk food or ketchup or anything yummy like that.  She had requested a fruit cake so I surprised her with one.  I did pretty good for my first non cake masterpiece.

Afterwards we went back to our place for some swimmin

This lady always doing shenanigans.......


After the pool we had cousin night at the movies.  I just love when Derrick is in town and we get to spend time together!

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