Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Children's Aquarium

Have I mentioned we are just eating up all the exploring and new things there are to do in Dallas :)
We took the chern (yes chern, that's how the cool people say it)  to the Children's Aquarium at the fair grounds in Dallas.  It was so cute and so worth it.  I've heard sea life in Grapevine isn't that great and honestly I never see myself going there.  I'd much rather spend the same amount of money to go to the Downtown Aquarium, that place is awesome!  
Anyways this place was small but so neat, they had fish and I had NEVER seen before in any other bigger aquariums.  The best part was getting to pet the sting rays.  I could have done that ALL day!!!!

Look how incredibly sweet they look! I'd never want to be in the water with them but this was neat.  Their big ole eyes reminded me of Dozer our rottweiler. 

Albino Gator, this guy would never survive on its own....

I've only visited the fair grounds when it was fair time and busy.  I had no idea how beautiful it was out there and that you could visit, walk and explore anytime you want. They had these amazing walking trails over the water...

Too bad the swam boats weren't opened haha.

Someone got a new car....

Do not let your baby boys play with strollers or girly things! They might grow up to be a DAD! Gasp!


  1. What a great idea going to the aquarium! We're going to have to take our kiddos to see it. You guys are always doing something fun.


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