Thursday, September 11, 2014

Morgan's Wonderland

We love to find new places to explore, whether that be Dallas or somewhere we are visiting.  Landon found this adorable park for the kids.  It's called Morgan's Wonderland it's more than a park but not quite an amusement park either.  It's was built for children with special needs but of course anyone can visit.

Most the rides and playground equipment like this one were wheelchair accessible....

Oh and I forgot to mention that Hason took his FIRST steps at uncle Brent's house.  We videoed it but of course it won't load on here.  How exciting!!! He was about 12 1/2 months.  Brielle also walked two weeks after her first birthday. 

They had these cool jeeps that the kids could drive themselves.  Brielle loved that.

When we got there the weather was awesome, cloudy and warm.  Then the sun came out and it got HOT.  We went inside their air conditioned gym to cool off a bit.

They had these fun gun shooting water thingies.  They also had small pirate ships you could navigate through the water.

and fishing, where they guarantee you will catch a fish, I don't think we were there long enough cause we didn't catch anything but we did see a little boy get a good sized fish.

This lady kept wearing me out.  She worked there and apperantly caught this fish that morning.  She kept pulling the damn thing out and showing it to Hason.

But then she's grab it like this and the stupid thing would flop outta her hand!!! She was wearing me out....get that fish away from us before it wriggles outta your hand and falls on my babies head!!!!

PLOP!  Needless to say the other fish in the tank she had died that day.  I wonder why.

They had the cutest little buildings that looked like a mini main street of some sort.  Inside were all sorts of activities kind like you would find at the Discovery Center or Perot Museaum.

All the foods in the grocery store were labeled in braille, I though that was so neat.

This was my FAVORITE part, I could have played in there all day.  Landon discovered it and called me in there, he knows what I like.  So the room is dark and you stand in front of these lighted screens. Each one has something different.  Here you would hold out your arm and let the pebbles accoumulate then when you got a good pile you moved your arm and they all fell to the floor.

In this one butterflies would land on cute is that!

That evening we met up with Landon's step sister Ashleigh and visited the Alamo of course.   Everyone says it's just a tourist place but if we lived there I know we would visit it too.  I just love walking around and people watching and having drinks on patios!  We are getting a mini river walk about 3 minutes from our house in Flower Mound.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Of course before we left I had to make a stop at the outlet malls in San Marcos.  I scored an beautiful cotton ivory blazer for $10 that was originally $90!

Hason was sitting on the couch cushion on Uncle Brent's wood floor when he fell over and got his first goose egg.  Poor baby.
We had a fun, tiring, quick, blessed trip.  Cannot wait for our next vacation!

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