Monday, September 29, 2014

Time For Friends!

Landon and I thrive on having relationships...friends, family, our marriage, the kiddos, our pets.   We really try invest time into those that mean the alot to us.    We cherish our friends so much, we aren't the kind of people who can go without having friends.  We enjoy our girl nights, guy nights, girl trip and boy trips!  It's hard to meet new people when you move, that bothered me for a while and now I've quite trying so hard.  It will come with time, just recently I've met a wonderful girl that lives here in Flower Mound, we seem to have a lot in common and I'm excited to get to know her and her family better.  I've just decided to feel blessed with the beautiful friends I do have even though they may be in other cities.  I feel that I have always been very lucky growing up to have been surrounded by so many great friends who love me just the way I am. 

Here is Landon headed off for a guys night.  We can't get over the fact that we can walk our the door and go to a game at the Cowboys Stadium or Rangers Stadium with friends for a night! We just Love living here! 
He felt incredibly lame that I was taking his picture (like it was his first day of school or something)  but he looked so cute that night and it has to be said but I get a little hot and bothered with that facial scruff :)  I know too much information haha, it's the truth. 

My sweet dear friend Tana came to town a few weeks ago and stayed with me.  She owns the cutest little boutique in Amarillo and was in Dallas for market.  She invited me to go shopping with them....Um hell yes!

Kristin came too, she works with Tana and just so happens to be my best friend Khara's little sister.  I've known Kristin since she was like 7 years old.  I adore her!
Not only do you get to shop till you drop but you also get to eat till you're stuffed on all the free food the vendors have out for their customers!  A plate full of goodness and a Margarita!

Everyone had candy laying around...that was soooo bad!

The first day was kinda a bust, you know how it is shop and shop and hardly find a thing.  I hate shopping days like that!  But the items we did find were to DIE for.  I feel like these pictures don't do the tops justice but these are two I will have coming my way as soon as they arrive in the store! I'm in LOVE!
The poncho is colorful and sparkly! SQUEAL!   I feel like it's so hard to find cute summer tops so I am over the moon for this one, but it won't arrive till like next march :(

A few Mondays ago the boys got together for a fantasy football night.  Since the boys were gone my friend Melodie decided to have us over for dinner and to watch Bachelor in Paradise.  Bless her heart, she's 5 months pregnant and cooking for me.  I made up for it by bringing a pumpkin face mask. 

These kind of nights do so much good for my heart!

We had a cookout for Labor Day, invited all our friends with kiddos and went wild in the pool :)

For about the first hour we hid inside and pretended to be busy and left all the daddies outside with the kiddos lol :)

Sometimes we don't know about this guy........

Lucky for us and especially Brielle, the Coleman's ended up staying the night,  Yay for our first sleepover.

Landon and I had a fun little date weekend.  We love water parks, they are kinda our thing but we haven't been able to go to one all summer...or even last summer :(  My mom kept the kiddos so we could have a date at our favorite place.

Landon and I only have one regret in life and it's that we should have moved away from Amarillo right after we got married.  Now that we are here in Dallas we imagine how much fun it would have been to go out every weekend and do something new as a young newlywed couple! We are kicking ourselves in the butt for staying so long in that town.  If we could do it over we would have moved to Florida, then Dallas.  But that's not the case now so little by little we are getting out together when we can and feeling lucky to have so many options for entertainment!

Our friends Natalie and Brad have been wanting to hang out for a while.  I'm a little jealous of them sometimes.  They don't have kids so they get to spend all their time together and have date nights every weekend.  I always say they know the coolest places to hang out.

Natalie and I are chit chatting away when I notice this girl get up and go talk to our men.  I trust Landon 100% but doesn't mean I have to like some girl talking to my man, right! Call me snooty but that girl had nothing on me! "Girl, don't make me stand up and embarrass you!"   I was also a little offended for Landon too cause he was WAY to good lookin for her, just sayin. Look at his face lol!

Landon thoroughly enjoys his guys nights out, so much so he doesn't normally come home ha.
How cool that Landon got to watch the Longhorns in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium!?

The idiots......

Pretty neat the were filming right there.....

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