Thursday, September 11, 2014


Next stop on our mini vacation was San Antonio.  Landon has two cousins that live there and his step sister as well.  We stayed with his cousin Brent.  In case you didn't know this is what a single guys fridge looks like, including a big ole goose egg (top right) WTH? yeah I don't know. 
Not gonna lie, this trip was exhausting.  I wouldn't even call it a vacation...a trip is more like it with kids.  Maybe it wouldn't have been as bad if we stayed in one place.  Hason's naps were all off schedule and he cried a lot and we pushed it with him cause we didn't want to go home at 8pm making it miserable for everyone.  Now we need a real vacation with just the two of us.  I can't wait till the kids are older though, then it will be fun I'm sure.

While in San Antonio we stopped at one of our most favorite restaurants.  The Gruene River Grill. 

Brent is such a good and loving uncle!

 We met up with Landon's cousin Jenna and her husband and new baby we hadn't met yet!

Smoked pork chops! OH YEAH!

How sweet were the cousins dressed in coordinating colors.....

They have lots of cute little souvenir shops that I love peak in on.  


We also walked down to the river, it's quite a steep hill.  That's when I decided I probably needed to invest in some darn flats.  I hate flats, nothing makes your outfit look more complete or your legs look as good as wedges or heels.  But lets be honest I need some good flat walking shoes, since then I've bought 6 pair haha.  Don't get me wrong, I handled that steep hill like a boss in my heels :)

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