Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Babies

There are soooo many ups and downs when having kids and being a stay at home mom.  You just gotta learn to take it minute by minute and hour by hour....sometimes with the help of a glass of wine ;)  
Sometimes we just feel like this..........

And sometimes we feel like the Queen and nothing can stop us now....

Brielle got to attend Princess Camp this summer at her gymnastics facility.  She was in heaven!  Until someone mentioned "frozen camp" to her and she asked me if she could go.  Um the answer was no!  Frozen camp was 80 times more expensive than regular "princess camp"  I ain't no fool.  

 makeup day.....

Oh this one....... 

Fun time at the splash park! Cannot wait for Hason to walk, I think these things would be more fun for him if he did.

Geez! Since I quit nursing nothing looks good on me up top! Everything is loose, it's quite depressing. 
 Need to get that fixed soon! :)

He just held on to that yellow thing and made about 50 circles around it haha.

Good Lord really! Caught in the act.....  yeah she got in trouble.

She's still so incredibly sweet though and always always helping look out for her brother!

Hason, no matter what he is doing needs to check in with his momma from time to time.  He just needs to know I'm still there and he comes over to me for some lovin,  Makes my life!

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