Monday, September 29, 2014

A Little Family Time

We thought we would venture out of FM and try this little Texas restaurant in big ole Sanger Texas.  It was so good and we will be taking Landon's dad next time he's in town.  He would love it!

Apparently we have a famous family member from there........

These baby towns are so random to me, we went driving around and tucked away on a back road is this warehouse and out front there is a historical marker with a bench so you can enjoy the "beautiful" view lol! I mean really, has anyone EVER utilized that bench?!

We love our family bike rides, I kinda wish I had a trailer though so the babies could sit together, might be a bit safer and then we could go fast :)

Listen to this....Hason's helmet is the exact same size as Brielle's and fits him perfectly.  Giant man child he is.

I decided to do a juice cleanse this summer.  First cleanse ever but I felt I needed one after having two babies.  I will probably do one at least twice a year from now on.  It wasn't bad at all! Expensive but very doable.  I only did 3 days and I have to say the 3rd day was the easiest!  I know I could have done a week but wanted to stop at that since it was my first time and I'm trying to build muscle and didn't want my body to start taking reserved energy from my muscle.

Both my kids have Landon's toes, thank God cause my feet are ugly! But bless their hearts with these rapture pinkie toes.  They are always getting caught or stubbed lol......

Morning breakfast with the family then a trip to the Dillard's sale! 

Hason's first time eating spaghetti!  I made the sauce from scratch and it's not that red thank goodness, but didn't make for a very good baby and spaghetti pic.

A little spray ground action.

Look at those sneaky up to no good eyes!!!!

Taking his squash and putting it on Lito's plate.  When'd he get so smart.  We were all dying laughing.

Lito's like WTH!?

Watching "God's Not Dead" with my family, that was such a sweet fun night and I just love how they are all crammed onto one couch together!  

Enjoying some live music at the lake and pizza!

Brielle makes friends so fast.  She was playing soccer with some bigger kids.  Since I am always with her and take her to play dates and playgrounds I don't worry so much (did I really say that, yes once in a blue moon I'm not anxious)  Landon was so worried she would get hurt or run into the poles since it was dark.  You can kinda see him creepily standing over to the left guarding the rail haha.  Overprotective daddy.

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