Saturday, September 20, 2014

Great Colombian Grandpa Is Here!

This kid has turned into quite the picky eater, I'm not liking this.  When he does eat he shoves so much into his mouth like this......

This one loves her a good sports car.  When we are in the car she is constantly pointing out cars and trying to guess what they are.  "mom did you see that red car!!!"  "What kind of car is that!!!"  This is the chatter I constantly hear coming from the backseat :)

 A few weeks ago there was a WT alumni night at the Frisco Roughriders.  Landon and I jumped at the opportunity of tickets that included all you can eat hot dogs and nachos.  We had a nice night together, I love our date nights.  They are way to few and far between!  He made fun of me for wearing the school colors and my Chi Omega shirt.  I don't think WT was that cool of a school but Chi Omega sure is and I'll represent anywhere I go!  It's not everyday I get to wear my letters anymore.  Man I miss college!

I could just kiss this face over and over, and I do!

Belly belly belly!

 A certain little baby got moved up to the walkers room at church.  I was a little nervous cause he's in there with 24 month olds now.  Those are some big kids, good thing Hason's larger than normal so he can kinda hold his own.

My grandpa and aunt are in town from Colombia visiting for 2 months!  He was very sick last summer, had a major surgery and almost didn't make it.   It's a miracle his here!   

Hason getting to meet his great grandpa for the first time!  The kiddos have six living great grand parents! That is just so amazing to me!

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