Thursday, September 11, 2014

Galveston Beach

My cousin is living in Houston right now, so we took advantage of our time there to see her too.  The first thing we wanted to do was ride the ferry and see some dolphins. I was a bit disappointed that the weren't closer to the boat but we did see a bunch which was cool!

How cute is this little board walk!  We ended up leaving pretty late so we got to see it all lite up!

 Kinda pathetic that this was Brielle's first time to a beach and it had to be Houston : / not anything close to Florida's beaches.  She'll get to see those soon though!  Galveston Island could be cute if they fixed it up and people didn't let their homes crumble away.  

All Hason wanted to do was eat sand and seashells, and he did.

I wanted to get some cute photos on the beach.  I saw this one and wanted to recreate it with my cousin.  Huge Fail, haha I laugh so hard every time I look at this. I don't think It's possible to look like those girls...that had to have been photo shopped.  Man we are ugly LOL!
 Butt now this is super cute!

 So this should have been an easy one but for some reason our heart was a circle, good gosh : /
 My little gorgeous made a beautiful mermaid though!

After playing on the beach we though it would be fun to rent one of these bad boys.  Even though I've been working out it was still tiring by the end.  Plus I was getting weak and hungry!

Even though the beach is not the prettiest and there was seaweed everywhere and the kiddos stress me out we still had a good time and I was happy to spend some time with Natalie.  I can't remember where we ate but it was so delicious.  I had a giant shrimp taco cause what else do you have when you are by the ocean. 

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