Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer Randoms

My friend Kaci was in town for a couple days so we met up with her and her sweet family in Grapevine for an evening.  She is pregnant with her 4th baby.  She has a little girl Brielle's age,a little boy who's 2 1/2 and a baby boy in heaven.  She is having another boy! So excited! We found the cutest floral kimonos while shopping we both couldn't pass up!

We went back to their hotel and let the kiddos swim.
Hason has a good ole time slipping and sliding on purpose on those wet floors.

When it is miserably hot and the kids need to burn off steam I love to take them to the safari park.  It's fun and cheap and a free for all, the kids can do what they please in a safe place.  I love that.

Hason went down the slide all by himself for the first time! He is so not scared, took Brielle forever to get comfortable with going down slides.

We made it a couple times to the library over the summer.  We will make it routine once school starts again.

Can't go anywhere without the tiara.

On the cooler days we try to hit up the park......

We had the best/coolest summer until about the middle of July, then it got hot.  On this particular day we ate on the patio with a little bit of drizzle, It was almost cold enough for a jacket! CRAZY! I hope that doesn't mean it will be unseasonably cold this winter.  I hate cold!

Hason's first sandwich......

My sweet honey bear is such a social butterfly,  she jumps right in and finds friends to play (frozen) with on the playground.  We bought her some walkie talkies she begged us for and she had a ball hiding from her friends and try to find them via walkie.  I gotta say what were we thinking!?  She already talks your ear off and you hardly get a word in (doesn't sound like anybody I know)  and then we get her a device that you only use to talk.  Not smart on our end lol.  She has started this thing where she will give you a thumbs up when she likes something or agrees with you.  I just love it and wanna eat that little thumb every time she does it!

Even brother enjoyed them :)

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