Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Coleman's got a boat!

Our cousins got a boat!!! We have been enjoying it all summer.    The first time with the kids I was quite nervous  but I feel a little better about it every time we go.

Little handsome's first time wasn't such a good one, he was quite moody.

These two are so well behaved on the boat.  Don't really have to worry about them.

It's these two we are most worried about, they are the monkeys and so little and delicate...

He needs his momma and I love it.
We did have a small accident while on the boat.  Landon was holding Brielle and the wake board came unattached, it blew right at them and knocked them both in the head.  It sounded horrible and Brielle cried of course.  We felt so horrible for her.  We think though that the board had hit the side of the boat first before hitting the two of them so the impact wasn't as bad as we initially thought, she didn't even have a bump and she didn't cry that long thank goodness.  And that's why boats make me nervous!

The little ones were tired of being on there so we had the boys drop us off at the beach so we could give the kids a break, snack, and play.

Landon loves to wakeboard and was so excited when he found out the bought  a wakeboarding boat.

On this particular outing we were able to leave the kids with my mom,  I worried a lot less that's for sure.

I even got the liquid courage up to try to wakeboard myself.  I've done it before but it's been a few years.  I almost got up and then decided the boat was more fun.

 Trent won for best facial expressions lol.

The darn rope got stuck up in the propeller.  The boys took turns going under to try and get it loose.  Scary cause we've all seen way to many horror movies.  We did get a good ole laugh outta them though cause Brent and Trent were both able to hold their breaths for a whopping 7 seconds under there :P  Landon finally got it undone.  At one point Landon was holding Brent's hand making sure he was safe, it was just precious lol.  All this lead to a holding your breath contest at the Coleman's pool.  I can't even explain how funny it was and how much Trent wanted to win.  Always a ton of fun with our cousins!
Look at Levi in this picture, he just loves being around the big boys and pretending he's one of them.  Such a sweetie!!

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