Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friends Make My Heart Happy!

On a day we "assumed" would be semi cool we met Emily and the kiddos at the local zoo in Gainesville for a day filled with sweat.  It's a small zoo but oh so cute.  I knew Hason would eat it up with his love of animals.

Mesmerized by the goats aka Go Go's...

I caught some photos of the three cutest baby giraffes...

Afterwards we visited Uncle Trent at Chicken E and then went back to their house to play.  
This NEVER happens so I know it was a successful day....

My friend Amber (from my July moms fb group) was in town again because her family is in the process of moving here.  My friend Dawn hosted a pizza/pool day at her house for us to all get together for catch up.

Brooklyn and Hason weren't very amused.  He was quite the handful that day and so was Brielle.  She threw the biggest fit cause she didn't want to wear her floatie.  Even though she is a pretty good swimmer now, she wasn't as strong as the other two girls there and they wanted to play in the deep end and jump in the whole time.  I know all too well that with all the commotion going on and me having to watch Hason that I could easily forget about Brielle and I wasn't gonna let that happen.  I was annoyed and felt bad for her all at the same time cause I could tell she felt left out being in her puddle jumper, but what was I to do, risk it :( No way.  

This proves how much this child is so mine and how much he loves animals.  He left his pizza to chase the kitty....

That evening we met back up with Amber's family for dinner.   I just love her husband, can't wait for them to get to Dallas already!

I bought two skirts like this cause I thought they were so cute, until I put them on.  Blah!! They only reason they look cute in pinterest pictures is because they are flared out or blowing in the wind.  They don't look cute hanging straight down, but what am I supposed to do, walk around swishing it around in my hand. 
Amber and I had a glowing moment when some boys driving by hollered at us while getting our picture taken.  Funny since our husbands were standing right there, now they know how adored we are and what a catch the have ;P ha!

Sweet Hason giving the Queen B a kiss goodbye, an opened mouth kiss at at that lol!  Until next time friends! 

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