Monday, September 15, 2014

Landon's Time Off!

Landon still had a couple of days off when we got back from our Houston/San Antonio trip.  We too the kids to see Rio 2.  Yes kids as in plural.  You should have seen the bag I took.  We stopped at the grocery store on the way and I bought a box of cookies for the kids to share, two tubs of baby Cheetos, a bag of popcorn for me, 4 candy bars for Landon and me cause they were buy two get two free and a water.  I fit that all in my bag plus toys and a diaper and Hason's sippy in hopes that he would be entertained.  

The movie was super cute (I love birds!) and I'm happy to report that both kids sat through the whole thing!  Hason was so good! We were sure proud of him.

Next Landon wanted to surprise B with a trip to her fav place ever....

Look at that belly, she used to stand like that all the time when she was a toddler with that ole belly sticking out.  I can still see glimpses of my once baby here and there.

The next day we took a walk on some trails in Plano that we like.

This just blows my mind! This was last year in may at the same place.  How is it that we go from this.... 

To this....

From someone's missing..

To him being here! What a blessing! Not to mention how my body can stretch to the moon and back, that will never masked sense to me! What a woman's body does during childbirth and pregnancy is amazing and made all to ordinary now a days, it is nothing short of a miracle! 
I wish Landon could always be home with us.  Maybe we should sell everything so we can just be together all the time!

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