Sunday, June 30, 2013

7 Years Of Bliss!

My love of my life and I have been together 13 years now married 7!!! This year marks the year that our married years out number our dating years 7 to 6  : ) (did that make sense?)
We celebrated this by getting a hotel room in downtown Ft Worth.
We are elite members at the Marriott, don't really know why but I loved the coupon we got upon arrival  to one of our favs just across the street.

The hotel had a roof top pool.

7 of the best years of my life with this man.  I'm still so in love and so so blessed!

We ate at the famous Reata restaurant.

How cute was my heart shaped chicken.
We so didn't need dessert....

but Landon's a sucker for banana pudding!

Where's the service around here........

No smoking in front of the baby!

My favorite part about this restaurant is their roof top bar.

The bartender made me a fancy non alcoholic drink and didn't charge me for it.  He knows how to get a tip.

Sunday morning we got up early, ate some delish breakfast at Jakes and then hurried to make it to church because one of our favorite people ever...DAVE RAMSEY...was speaking! How cool is that!
We had also wanted to visit Gateway for a while so this was a good reason to go.
We also found out that Sunday that they will be having a special weekend of events July 18 - July 20 with the one and only Beth Moore and Christine Cane I believe and a couple others....sooo bummed...can you guess who's due on the 18th!!! Terrible timing people!

Wow, it was a good sermon full of convictions and hilariousness! He's good!

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