Friday, June 7, 2013


The Shops near our house have Jazz night with live music by the fountains every Thursday night in May.  I am a sucker for this kind of's free, we love being outside and it's better than a night spent watching tv!

All night Brielle kept telling Landon we were going to see Princess Jasmine (Jazz) haha.
She wasn't to disappointed when she realized it wasn't what she thought, she loved the music and running around with the kids!

Mommy and Daddy joined us sister Kasey would have loooved this, she loves Jazz and old time music!

Yes I am getting large! Everyday I ask myself "how am I gonna do this for ___ more weeks"

During the break mom treated us to some ice cream. Brielle was so hot from running around and dancing she didn't' even eat her ice cream, all she wanted was water.

We made it a couple Thursdays in a row and had just the perfect weather.  B loved getting to dance with her dad!

My heart is full watching these two together!

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