Friday, June 21, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

After our date weekend it was time to celebrate the Dad's in our lives.  My mom had us over for lunch and completely outdid herself.   Good gosh it was so delish!

My daddy with his new Rangers shirt.

All Landon wanted to do that evening was hang out by the pool and order some manly pizza with lots of meat, jalapenos and stuffed crust.  I was excited to see when the pizza guy got here that Landon had ordered me cheesy bread sticks!  I'd much rather have those than the pizza, he knows me well!

I couldn't ask for a better man to bring up this little girl! She has no idea how blessed she is.  Our kids will have the most wonderful foundation laid out for their futures all because of their daddy.  I knew he'd be a good dad just didn't realize it would happen the second she was's as if he always knew what to do.  I love him so much more today than ever.  Thanks for taking such good care of us babe, love you with all my heart!

Why does Brielle look 13!

Helping him open his gifts of homemade beef jerky and a nice new polo shirt.

I'm a little anit-polo shirts lately because that's almost all that Landon wears and I want him to get a little more fashionable or at least explore some new color options for his wardrobe.  That man is obsessed with blue and red.  So I refuse to buy anything that looks like all the other things in his closet but I fell in love with this shirt and the colors.  The material was soft and thin too and hey it's fathers day, gotta get him something he likes right : )

Brielle learned the game red light green light at parents night out so we decided to play it in the pool.  She's such a little cheater!  Or Cheeker as she calls it, learned that new word at parents night out.  She said "you can't be cheekin" lol!  Of course we didn't correct her, that's way to cute!  Anyways...she's such a cheater...when she was calling out the commands you could just see the wheels spinning and trying to figure out a way for Landon to win and get ahead of me, she wouldn't take her eyes off him, the look in her eyes said "come on dad,hurry up you have to win!" ...she did this every time...she'd say "red light" then tell Landon "get ahead dad"  What the HEY!  I tell ya when he's around I'm chopped liver! She just adores her daddy!

Brielle wins!

These two were made for each other!

Whats Up! "I can be manly in a Tinker Bell towel!" HA!

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