Thursday, June 20, 2013

Date Weekend!

Landon and I got a date weekend last week!  Friday night we dropped Brielle off at her gymnastics place (remember we won a free parents night out!) and headed off to dinner and a movie.  With baby coming there isn't a lot of room for extra spending but lucky for us this was cheap almost free weekend.  We ate at Cheddar's because we love it and we had a gift card from Christmas we hadn't used.

They have a beautiful patio that the just happened to open up when we got there.

OMG! Look at my fabulous drink...looks like a beer lol, it's a mango tea and so good!

I just had to laugh because with this huge belly above my legs I have resorted to sitting like a man, no more crossing my legs, just to uncomfortable.....and Landon well.........he finds this position quite comfy now a days lol.

Our dessert, so good cause it was made out of croissants!
Landon gave me a hard time for ordering it cause it made us 20 minutes late to the movies......lucky for us the second we sat down it started. We only missed the previews!  Landon hates missing even a minute of the beginning of a movie..he feels like he can't watch the rest and like he missed something ha.

We got a beautiful surprise of a fire works show on our way home.  They shoot them off every Friday in the summer over Grapevine lake. Perfect way to end the night!

Saturday morning Landon and B had a daddy daughter donut date and then played at the park.  Squeezing in some one on one time while we can.

Then we packed her up and dropped her off at my moms house.  She was super excited about staying at Lita's new home for the first time and getting to sleep in "her" new room.  Oh boy she's already claimed a room!

Landon had got me a hotel stay in North Dallas so I could relax before baby but I wanted to spend it with him (was he actually trying to get rid of me for a weekended and I ruined his plans by inviting him hmmmm? lol)  We didn't do much, just relaxed for a bit.

Then we ate at Red Lobster to our hearts content because once again we had a pretty good sized gift card to use up!

He literally waited for this beer for like 20's so good when it touches your lips!

I swear all we did was eat this weekend, nothing excited just relaxing.
We walked off our meal at the galleria afterwards.

Sunday morning we had breakfast at La Madeleine!!! My all time favorite place! I love everything they serve there!!! 

Love this man and our time together! I can never get enough of him! NEVER!

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