Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kids Eat Free

This summer the church we've been visiting offered several different options for volunteering through the summer to help those in need.  They had all sorts of things to choose from but my favorite was the "Kid's Eat Free" program.  We got assigned an apartment complex in a city nearby to provide food, drinks and games to the children who live there.

My biggest reason for choosing this charity was Brielle could help and it would be a good way to teach her  that everyone doesn't always have what she does or live the way she does either. 

She was all about helping pack the lunch sacks....

I was so proud of her...I didn't do a thing but supervise.  She packed almost half of these herself and remembered what each one needed in it.

We set up a tattoo station for the kiddos

B thought she needed to try out their tattooing skills.

Then we played some games.  I'm a little bummed cause we will only get to volunteer about 3 more times because of this condition I have called pregnancy and a due date lol.

And after all the kids had eaten, there were a few bags of chips left so Brielle got a little take home snack.
What a fun day of learning it was for her and I got to explain a lot about how Jesus wants us to serve others and take care of each other. I look forward to taking our kids on mission trips when they are older cause you really don't grasp the entirety of hunger and suffering until you've been to one of those places I don't think.What an eye opener that will be for them someday.  Never do I want them to think they are entitled to things and I don't want them to ever take for granted how blessed we really are.

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