Friday, June 14, 2013

Just The Two Of Us

Landon left on Thursday last week for Amarillo.  He was a groomsman in one of our friends weddings.  I was super sad I couldn't go but per Dr's wishes I stayed behind, so sad I couldn't go back home one more time before baby, I probably won't make it back till Thanksgiving.

So it was just me and my honey bear all weekend long.  It does make for a very long week.  I don't know how single mothers do it.  I sure need the help!

Love that she still has those little indentions on her knuckles, just like a baby.
I don't know when little kids start looking like normal people but I'm still amazed at how beautiful and long her eyelashes are and how smooth, pretty and perfect her skin and hair is and clear those little eyes are! God makes babies and kids so beautiful!

I found this fabulous spray park in Grapevine and that is where we spent our Friday.

The whole playground was almost covered by canopies! I loved that!

I wanted to get a close up of Brielle's adorable little freckles on her cheeks and nose.......I couldn't decide if they showed up better in Sepia or color.
What a beauty!

Love this girl!

Afterwards we wandered into Grapevine to pick up a gift for a friends soon to be baby and we happened to stumble upon the weekly farmers market.  I could spend so much money here but I controlled myself.  I just came home with a jar of apple jelly and pumpkin butter.  I also got a package of homemade spicy beef jerky to add to Landon's fathers day gift.

Brielle got to sample some popcorn, she was sooo tired after the splash park she literally had no personality (as Aunt Kaytie likes to call it lol)  She could have cared less about her rainbow popcorn and that everyone was fretting over her swimsuit haha!

I received this sweet, sweet present in the mail this week from my  cousin Juanita in Canada for Hason.

Such a thoughtful gift for my little man!

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