Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Morning with My Girl

I love my mornings because I get to wake up to this sweet girl who happened to bring me yogurt in bed on this particular day!  Her routine is get up, potty, brush her teeth, get a yogurt and a string cheese.  Sometimes I worry that she eats to much cheese but maybe one string cheese a day isn't so bad.

And lets not forget this sweet pup.  Love my littlest Eskimo.

Brielle and I decided to make some Popsicles since it was going to be getting hot outside.

She's a joy to have help,  such a great age for this kind of stuff!

I can eat some mom!

We made raspberry peach and blueberry banana Popsicles.

I also froze grapes on a stick...easy great snack to hold her over when she wants something to eat but dinner or lunch is about to be served.

Food coloring in vinegar and backing soda make an awesome distraction and science experiment!

Brielle enjoyed! I thought it was pretty cool too!

Even after you dropped the vinegar in you could go back and drop some more in the same spot and it would fizz all over again....I loved that cause I was expecting her to be done with it once all the backing soda was colored but it was never ending fun for her.

Caught this picture of Daddy telling Brielle the ways of life.  He said "Brielle you have to listen to your mother and father, you have the best mother and father and they love you very much and know whats best for you."  " You also have the best papa Lou and Lita, and we love you very much but you've got to listen" I thought that was so sweet and she listened very intently hehe! Maybe daddy's noticed that she can be a handful sometimes with this new big girl attitude she's got going on.  Or maybe it's that they bicker  a lot cause a 75 year old man is a lot like a 3 year old little kid lol!  I don't know why I laugh about it...some day's I think I'm going to go nuts with the both of them following me around asking me nonsense questions all day.  They will both also start talking to me at the same time and just go on and on and not care if the other one is talking as well.  All I can do is laugh and ignore them both ha!

Little kids in their underwear is about the cutest thing ever!

Landon found a turtle in our pool filter the other day and B just loved her new Tuck (wonder pets)

He was so cute, we kept him in her water table for a couple days then let him go so he could eat. What the heck am I supposed to do with a turtle anyways.

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