Saturday, June 15, 2013

While The Boys Are Away...

Saturday we had my friend Melodie and her boys Grayson and Trevor over for a play date to pass the time since Landon was outta town and her man works till the afternoon most Saturdays.

Someone has really taken to dancing and ballerinas lately, we may have to drop the gymnastics class and try this!

Cool summer drink

Some pasta salad and Hawaiian quesadillas
(no we did not have wine, that's only for decoration. I wish!)
I was just in love with Melodies swimsuit.....

and matching cover up!!!!

HAHA! Love that booty shot!

Oh my did these water guns cause Melodie and I some grief, from the shooting each other in the face to throwing them at each other and hitting in the head!

Brielle spent 3 hours in the pool that day and I still had to pry her away, she'd stay in there all day if I let her.
She was so exhausted she took a nap (which she never does) and when I went to wake her up she didn't want to and slept another hour.
 My parents came over that evening to finish off our leftover lunch and then us girls went shopping to finish out the day!

love that little bottom!

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