Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Landon's mom and sister spent Memorial Day weekend with us and we were so happy to have them here!
We started with some eating and shopping at the Shops of Highland Village

My goodness Kaytie and Juquita got the best salad.

My honey bear found me a flower.

It was a successful day!  I can't bring myself to buy maternity clothes...I actually haven't bought anything this pregnancy and I only really wear maternity jeans my regular shirts and dresses...I'd like a pair of shorts since I only have one pair but hopefully I can hold off.
(Getting dressed sometimes is a bit of a challenge and a small workout.  With that said I didn't' realize I looked just like Shamu after putting this outfit together, but it wasn't worth the effort to change, I'm sure people had some comments lol, that husband of mine sure did)

We all decided on an easy going weekend spent cooking out by the pool.

I made everyone fancy drinks.....Mine wasn't as fun as everyone else's.
How do you like Landon's in his "manly" glass.

My super hot sister in law! Come and get'er boys lol!

My beautiful mother in law\

Last pregnancy I outgrew my maternity swimsuits towards the end so when I found this beauty (originally like $120 but on sale on zulilly for $40!!!) I ordered it big to make sure that didn't' happen.  I think I over shot a bit haha.  I got a large, small or medium would have probably been just fine..oops.

I made a frozen fruit pie perfect for the hot evening.

We grilled some chicken burgers.

Look how pretty Landon arranged the pineapples..........

Oops...forgot about the others on the grill, who likes crispy??

Finally Kaytles got a new car!! It's super adorb and one of our favorite colors Charcoal!!

Thanks for driving here and spending the weekend with us you guys! We loved it!

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