Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fencing...No Fun, Walmart...Loads!

Landon has had it on his to do list for a while to put up a new fence.   I mean there really wasn't anything wrong with the old one...the people who owned the house before us kept it looking pretty good!

I think they really liked the run down look.
(can you see how rotted it was at the bottom!)

Snap that pole!

Meanwhile...who needs a table when you've got one built in.

My beautiful family!

Landon did it all himself...not an easy job considering he hit some really really hard clay and had the hardest time getting one of the posts out of the ground after he broke it in half.

Good thing he had the cutest helper!

Now that's the face of a determined man!

Good gosh she looooved that measuring tape.

Weeeeelllll that's a special looking Eskimo ha!

So us girls got bored with the fence and headed to where else but Walmart for some water fun! Yeah, our Walmart is pretty much the bomb!  That's a whole post in itself and is very pretty on the inside!

They are having this mini carnival in the parking lot every weekend in June to raise money for the March of Dimes I believe it was...either way it was to help out babies.

Brielle loved the big slip and slide even though she was too little to do any real slippin and sliding.

She'd just push herself down the whole way...apparently that was some real fun.
My little bird enjoyed!

This slide was not that big but SUPER fast!

Ok so this picture looks like I should have set my phone down and rescued my child....but she's not drowning I promise.........

See...is that the face of a drowning child.....

They had lots of games set up as well.

And all the good food a mother could dream of to feed her child like chips, and hot dogs and a red drink made of purely dyes, sugar and corn syrup.....I have to let her live sometimes.

After hanging out at that Wal-Mart we drove down the street about 5 minutes away  to the small Neighborhood Market Wal-Mart (just like the ones when we were little that weren't SUPER)  I had seen something there a week ago I wanted to get her cause she's oh so sweet and I realized all her tub toys are baby toys. 
She had no idea we weren't there for food and was so stunned she didn't' know what to think when I handed it to her....Good Gosh it's so fun to surprise your kids!
Lite-ting Mcqueen! as she calls him.

Here's the finished product!
Just makes the house look Phenom!
 And who's to thank behind all of this....
This Guy! The fencing stud.........
And where does he get all that power, from his new long hair do like Samson!
Landon's first pony tail LOL!   I am digging my mans longer hair style!
To end the evening we let B stay up past her bedtime and took her to sonic for half off shakes in her pj's.  Yes sugar before bedtime...we were pretty irresponsible that night...but that's what you do in the summer!

I do realize her pjs are so not cute and probably boy pjs...they were on sale...
you only sleep in them anyways and wear them for the occasional outing perhaps :)

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