Thursday, June 6, 2013

Let's Pretend Tea Party!

I found the most adorable place for little girls!! It's called lets pretend tea parties!
I didn't tell B till we were on our way what we were going to do, she was thrilled.

Isn't it to die for! What a perfect place for a mother and daughter to have some one on one time!

Brielle got to pick out a princess dress (or 2) to wear and all the accessories.

She wanted to be Tinkerbell cause she fell in love with the shoes that went with the outfit, smart girl, shoes are important.

Then she got an up do complete with a take home mini tiara.

Just like Cinderellas!

And some glitter of course.

Then it was makeup time, she chose PINK.

and a manicure!

She wanted pink with glitter on top, that's my girl...all sparkly!
The girls that worked there, were so in character and made Brielle feel very important.  They asked her all the right questions like "who's your favorite princess?" and "do you have a puppy dog?" : ) She was excited to answer and felt so big.

Next we got to sit down and have our own personal tea party that also included the BEST cupcakes!

Brielle was excited to put the sugar cubes in....apparently if you open your mouth real wide it helps with the precision of it haha.

She was so cute pointing out how our nail polish matched our cupcakes.

Mermaid Brielle.

I never forget how lucky and blessed I am that I got a girl!

We ended our party with Brielle reading me a couple of princess books.

This was by far the most fun one on one times her and I have had together, we both enjoyed ourselves so much and she was on cloud nine and felt so special!
You are the light of my life Brielle and I can't begin to tell you how you-this little person-has made so many of MY dreams come true and you don't even know it...this is the stuff mommies dream of!  I look forward to all of our mother daughter dates in the future my little beauty and pray that we grow to be best friends when you are older! I love you more than anything Brielle, thanks for sharing this special day with me!

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