Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Brielle's Big Girl Room Reveal

Brielle's room has come a looong way from when we first moved in!  I had seen some ideas of what I wanted to do and had some of my own in my to just pull it all together! For those of you that are friends with me on FB, you've already seen this : )

I wanted to make a curved cornice to go above her bed but there are really no tutorials for "curved" ones so I had to think something up myself.  I bought this pretty flexible foam board to use.  Fingers crossed it didn't break in the process!
 I had to hot glue two pieces together because one wasn't tall enough.

I covered it with batting.

I had a left over window treatment from her window so I cute that up, sewed it together and wrapped it around the cornice. 

Had to make sure and cut some slits in it so it would lay correctly around the curves.

My moms always a big help with my projects and has really great ideas on how to make it all work!

Then I wanted to add some material to the curtains that would come down from the cornice board.  The bedding I bought was a little big for her bed even though it said twin/full on it so I cut off two strips from her duvet to sew some ruffles to the curtain.

I was only half way done at this point but sweet girl obviously had to sleep somewhere so I had Landon bring her in to see if I got a reaction from what I had done so far.
It was PRICELESS.  Just look at that little mouth drop!!! That just filled my heart with so much joy!  She was in awe and just loved it!  Made me so happy that I could make her so happy!

"My big girl bed!"

You deserve it my sweet girl! We'd give ya the world if we could!

As you can see all that had been done were the walls and bedding but being a sweet innocent kid that's all it took to make her happy and she was so appreciative.

Love, love, love her owl blanket! For one... it's owls and she's a future Chi Omega of course,'s the softest blanket ever!

She stayed put all night long too.
And here it is......I wanted her bed to b the focal point of the room of course.

I'm so happy with how it turned's stressful having all these ideas in your head and then trying to execute them!  For some reason I still feel like somethings missing, just can't put my finger on what yet...I may add some stenciling or paint to the walls, I think they need some depth.

I die for the headboard!  If you look close you can see the jeweled buttons, it didn't come that way...I glued some on of course.  Needed some added fancy!

My sister is painting her a sign that says "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful" to hang on the wall as well.
 I'm going to gather the bed skirt and then sew pink tulle underneath so you can see it peaking out where it's gathered.

I think I'll put a picture of her and her daddy in that frame.

Wasn't it just yesterday she was in here..... Where did the years go?


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