Sunday, June 23, 2013

Warm Fuzzies

We can't forget the other member of our family on the blog......
I like to joke that she gives us warm fuzzies on the inside and out(on our black clothes that is)
She's actually not a bad shedder, about twice a year is it.
 She cracks me up how she'll pretty much do anything or sit anywhere we tell her.  She's so trusting of us.
 I've wanted an American Eskimo since I was a little girl...I went in looking for a Scottie and saw Neely and was instantly in love, I worried I couldn't get her since she was over twice the budget Landon gave me for a dog.  He loves me and can't deny my dreams : )They are the cutest puppies, who could resist a puppy that looks like a bear! I like that under her eyes stays clean unlike most white dogs.....she also has white eyelashes! One negative is her high pitched bark...that can get annoying.

She's a really good dog, she listens well and learns new rules we set for her quickly.  She would never run away...she loves us too much, she's afraid of losing us ha.  There's been several times I've let her go potty out front and forgotten about her for like an hour!! OOPS!  But when I go outside she's always still there like "dangit mom...let me in!"

 Neely has  her own little game she plays in the pool.
  She'll drop one of Brielle's water table balls in and then try her very hardest to get it back out. 




 Every once and a while she loses her grip and falls in. 
Pretty sure she does that on purpose.

 If I could ever get this warm and cozy I'd never wake up!
We adore out sweet little Eskimo!

This is how I find her sleeping a lot of the time ha!
 Landon is her absolute hero. I'm convinced nobody loves him more than her.
These two get along quite nicely, Neely accepts Brielle as part of the family now.  Not that she was ever aggressive towards her...she just didn't show any interest.  Now she will greet her when we walk in and gets excited to see her and will now take her ball to Brielle to throw.  Just as she's getting to really like B we bring in another baby lol! Poor Neely.


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