Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chi O's Out On The Town

Saturday night we had plans to meet up with some of our other sorority sisters who were in town.


Tonya and Tessa from Odessa!

Love me some Danielle! She's so sweet.... loves makeup, eyelashes, Marilyn Monroe and Vin Diesel! She drives a little convertible spyder eclipse just like the one I used to drive.  So jealous, I miss that car! I will get me a convertible again someday!
(Why do I have smoker lips! Look at all those wrinkles, what the heck, that makes me super sad! Not that I drink from straws a lot but I'm going to stop after seeing this picture.  I definitely don't have a cute pout. sad day)

Lindsey and Alicia.  Lindsey was living in Oklahoma when Landon and I got engaged.  Our jeweler told us that if we had our ring shipped out of state we wouldn't have to pay sales tax on it!! So Landon had it shipped to Lindsey and she drove it to him when she came to town one weekend. That's a great friend for ya!

This girl here has my heart! She's one of the most caring and genuine people I know.

CHEERS Ladies!

We found a small little bar where we could sit down and chat.

First of all, who wears a fanny pack and to the bar? Second of all Zeta? Really?...not cool dude not cool.
Then again Chi Omega's too cool to be on a fanny, you probably can't find one : )

Their visit was way to short and I missed them so much the next day. Come back soon girls! Love Ya'll!

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