Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Activites

Hason actually took one good nap the other day and I for once wasn't so exhausted that I needed to lay down with B and I spent some much needed quality time together doing some Halloween crafts.

There's my handsome boy!

I'm sure these random photos of my nephew dogs are a bit annoying but I just love them!  I am enjoying kissing and loving on them while I have them here!

Last weekend one of our shopping centers had a small Halloween carnival for the kiddos.  They did the same type thing for Easter last year and it was a fun outing.

They served apple cider and mini cakes, had a bounce house for the kids and games.  Best of all, it was all free!

Totally looks like we forgot him in the middle of the street ha.

Even the little pumpkins were free..

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